‘Flow State’ by Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana Drops Her New Album ‘Flow State’

Tash Sultana turned the world upside down when she released her first EP ‘Notion‘. Now Tash is back and has the globe spinning on her finger, with this new album ‘Flow State‘. The Australian musician amazingly gets better and better with every project, this album sounds very developed and raw!

Tash continues to display her variety of vocals on this project along with her insane guitar skills. She really caught my attention with her track ‘Murder To The Mind’, because you notice horns in the beat really straying away from her previous work. It sounded really great and well developed, she also put tracks you can get lost with like ‘Seven’. ‘Seven’ is like an up lifting journey through the soul, the song is so wavy taking you through dimensions and emotions. It is literally like 7 different tracks in 1.  Out of all the 13 tracks I couldn’t find a song that I couldn’t enjoy, even the ‘Outro’ was exciting.

The most difficult part of this whole listening experience was trying to pick a favorite song. This album will be on repeat for the next few months. After being conflicted I forced myself to pick my Top 5, which I feel will change as I continue to replay this album.

Top 5:

  1. Seven
  2. Big Smoke
  3. Murder To The Mind
  4. Mystik
  5. Mellow Marmalade

Make sure to listen to this album, it is one for the ages!

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