‘Foot On They Neck’ by Eva Shaw & Nate Husser (1/4)

Eva Shaw & Nate Husser Debut The First Track From Their 4 Track Project, ‘Foot On They Neck’

Even before they teamed up on ‘STRIP’, Eva Shaw & Nate Husser caught our attention on social media with their posts together. Then not long ago Eva teased some posts before announcing their newest track ‘Foot On They Neck’. This will be part of a 4 track project with each track releasing every few weeks.

A very soothing acoustic melody guides you through the track, with Eva’s rhythmic drums setting up the stage for Nate to go off. Snappin’ with his lyrics Nate still has a controlled flow that also brings out the rasp in his voice we’ve come to know and love. The duo keeps their timing perfect through out the tune to bring the most out of the beat and vocals. The chorus of this song is infectious and will have you singing along in no time.

The next track releasing on this project is ‘I Been Doing Great’ and will be available on March 13th, 2019. That track will be featuring Just John to cap off this month!

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