‘Miles Away’ by Eva Shaw & City Fidelia

Eva Shaw & City Fidelia Drop Their Second Track This Month ‘Miles Away’


Eva Shaw & City Fidelia continue blaze through November as they drop their newest track ‘Miles Away’. This piece is their second track from their new EP ‘4/4’. By releasing their songs one at a time throughout every Friday of November, the pair allows us to warm up for the full project as they keep feeding us scorchers.

After listening to the first track off their EP, ‘Snakes’, it was clear that Eva and City meant business with this project. ‘Snakes’ raised the standards for this whole project because of the quality that the track offered, but with out disappointment the duo elevated the standards yet again. Offering a more rough and rugged sound, Eva laid out a beat that has a hard hitting vibe that will keep you bouncing. The visual equivalent to the beat is a bus with no breaks heading downhill over an extremely bumpy road. This insane melody kicks off very close to the beginning, making sure it captures your attention right away. City offers his vocals throughout the whole track, and with his unique vocal control it really allows the listener to have multiple experiences with this banger. Taking the beat and vocals, then finding a way to synchronize them in harmony, Eva & City just dropped one of the hardest flex tunes of the year.

As November continues, we await the next two releases from this EP, but until then ‘Snakes’ & ‘Mile Away’ will keep us nice and toasty.



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