‘NASIR’ by Nas (Album)

Nas Blesses Us All With A Return In His New Album ‘NASIR’

Nas shows why he is the GOAT, with this new album ‘NASIR‘. You don’t have to like the album, but you can’t deny it deserves to be appreciated. The biggest issue I’ve notice people say is “this isn’t Nas“, BLAH BLAH BLAH, get your appreciation for this man out. Nas does sound different, but as music changes so should the greats, Nas proves he could flow to any melody in this album. Being the word play painter he is, his music is still lyrically intact and his portraits are still relevant issues today. I love this album, I do not hold it to the same level as ‘Illmatic‘ and I also wish there were more than 7 tracks. The Album was very well produced, the beats were good and clearly inspired by Madlib. Despite capturing many negative headlines as of recent, Kanye did very good on this album, including his part in ‘Cops Shot The Kid’.

The listed features complimented the GOAT, very well. There were only 4, Diddy, 070 Shake, Tony Williams and The Dream. Since this album was only 7 tracks, I chose only 1 track as my favorite. ‘Everything’ ft. The Dream. The Production reminded me of ‘808’s & Heartbreak‘, the vocals reminded me of ‘Street Lights’ and Nas put forth more evidence of how versatile his flow is.

Give the album a listen, let us know what you think.

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