‘Neon Nostalgia’ by Jay Meadows

Jay Meadows Unleashes His Versatility On His New EP ‘Neon Nostalgia’

Answering questions about his potential, Jay Meadows allows his music to make a bold statement with this new EP, entitled ‘Neon Nostalgia’. Seeing signs of his talents and vocal abilities made us wonder what was in store for this young Canadian artist. From production to vocal melodies, Jay lets us know that this is just the start to his wave. This five track EP boasts confidence as he keeps the listener engaged with out any features, but the most impressive part was his involvement in the production side of this project.

Starting off with his song ‘No Games’, we got to see Jay give us lyrics and catchy vocal waves on this track making it one of the favorites. The most eye opening part of the project was that this was the track that Meadows proved his talents as a producer. He really hits the nostalgia when he moves on to his song ‘Jolibee’s’, but the wave really comes back with ‘What’s The Deal?’. The track highlights miscommunication that we have all experienced, but the way the message is portrayed is easy to sing along with and vibe out to. ‘Scope’ reignites dark energy, delving into emotion-envoking topics and thoughts that people tend to bottle up as Jay snaps on this tune. Easily a dance floor scorcher, this song is also another favorite, not only from the EP but of the month. ‘Let Me Know’ is the final piece of the puzzle, and it really closes out this EP allowing you to truly feel the cold side of his lyrics.

This project was a great listen and continues to prove that his calling is to make music. The future is highly anticipated, as we expect to hear more projects from Jay.

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