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Taking On The Canadian Music Scene, Here Are Some Hidden Gems To Look Out For

With Canadian music rising up the charts, it’s easy to find artists that everyone’s familiar with from Drake to Tommy Genesis. In this climate, even Canadian producers like Boi-1da & Murda Beatz have touched some of your favorite songs. Of course there are ‘XMPL Favorites’ like Eva Shaw, Clairmont The Second and Canadian Platinum selling artist Jocelyn Alice, who have been making waves globally and creating new lanes for artists to follow.

Even though we have seen Canadian music at a stage bigger than ever before, it’s still not growing. Matter of fact, it still remains slept on – but have no fear, the future is getting brighter and brighter everyday. With music being so accessible to us, it is not hard to find artists and tunes that will resonate with you.

I am going to list off a few Canadian artists that I feel should be on your radar.

Myles Castello

Tackling R&B with his own unique style, Myles Castello released two new tracks in 2019. ‘Way Off’ & ‘Bad Company’ will give you a sense of the captivating sound this artist has to offer. Brightly reppin’ Scarborough, the young singer is on the come up and hungrier than ever. Touring across Toronto and Brampton you can look forward to seeing this artist make his breakthrough across the country.

Nilly Noy

With this next artist, you can really see the diverse sounds Canada holsters. Transitioning between English & Spanish, Nilly Noy really give you a great summer vibe with his latest track ‘Comigo’. Though the artist doesn’t have many tracks on his streaming platforms, he is very thorough with the detail in his content. With a killer music video and a top-quality track, all he needs is a few more projects, but he should definitely be on your radar.


Ottawa can stand proud for this one with Egyptian native Capé is on a rampage with his distinct sound. Tackling Hip-Hop after only two years of writing and flowing, you can catch a whiff of his bars on his latest EP ‘Genesis’. With potential and bass shattering word play, this young rapper is extremely versatile, also exercising his vocals throughout his music. Already performing live after one EP, he is building a platform and fan base throughout Ontario. To see how this artist grew through freestyles and developed his craft is something special.


Born in Montreal and very distinct with her aesthetic, Laye is an artist who approaches her photos and lyrics with a dark vibe. Her sound however is very unique because despite the dark lyrics, they are extremely relate-able through her soothing sound. Her latest single ‘Dancing’ displays an almost POP sounding tune, but it gives you a great look into her upcoming album ‘Lonesome’.


Seeing this artist live was what really put me on to him, the youngest artist of the pack, Mugelezi should be one to keep your eyes on. The young artist is continuously growing and experimenting with different styles, clearly highlighting his hunger for growth and thirst to learn. His last track released was ‘Falling’, a great tune to vibe with at a club. However his sound on tracks like ‘Dominoes’ & ‘Feelin’ Myself’ really best highlight his vocals and lyrics. With 3 tracks in his chamber so far, we hope to see this artist releases at least one more this year.

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