‘Overthinking ‘ by SHY Martin

SHY Martin Released Her Debut EP ‘Overthinking’

Swedish singer and songwriter, SHY Martin has finally released her debut EP ‘Overthinking‘. Really catching attention with her singles ‘Good Together‘ & ‘A Little Longer‘, it’s hard not to get excited to hear her new project. This 6 track EP is really a 5 track project with one bonus track. This project is a solo project holding no features, which speaks volumes to me about her confidence and trust in her talents.

Consisting of heart felt lyrics over a variety of melodies, this EP starts off with her track ‘Just a Little Longer‘. A song that really captures an image of holding on to a relationship you don’t want to end, infused with a beat that is easy to vibe to. Lyrics and the sound of this EP get a little bit stronger and vulgar, as her next track ‘Good Together‘ comes on. This catches you off guard because it changes the layout of what to expect from this EP, it also shows the versatility SHY has with her sound. Skipping to ‘Lose You Too‘, SHY gets softer with her sound and very emotional with this track. Being a perfect cold and surreal song, she really gets you to relate to this tune! ‘Spaceship‘ is the bonus track that ends the EP, really wanting to perfect this albums she added a very complete track to this EP. Usually seeing bonus tracks, the song can’t stand alone as a single, but this tune is perfect as it has a dynamic tag team of vocals and piano.

This project was really fun to dive into, SHY did an amazing job making this EP enjoyable. My favorite track was ‘Bad In Common‘, followed by ‘Forget To Forget‘. I can’t wait to see what this incredible artist has up her sleeve in the future!


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