‘Replace Him’ by Queenyy


After announcing her upcoming EP ‘Distance’ is releasing on October 23rd, Queeny showcases a single from the project. ‘Replace Him’ gives you a taste of what to expect and also makes you wonder what other sounds Queeny has on this project.

The Ottawa based artist doesn’t shy away from her love of Hip/Hop & R&B on this single. The way she recited the chorus, her flow gives it lot of bounce to compliment the beat. Her voice isn’t projected on full display on this track but the melody and lyrics are easy on the ears and extremely catchy.

The most impressive take away from this project, is how well written the song is and how the explicit language brings a ton of emotions to this track. it’s not watered down at all and makes you expect nothing but the best from the EP.

The best way to close this out, is reading what Queenyy had to say about this project and where she found this addictive beat.

““When I wrote ‘Replace Him’ I was in a very frustrated mood, as I only write based on real experiences I am going through at that current time. My writing was inspired by how men are always cute and try so hard in the beginning to get your attention and once they have your attention, they get too comfortable, so they stop trying to be cute. Dating from a distance is already hard enough, so if this happens, you can’t expect me to stick around. I brought this song to the studio and 613tino produced a beat for it.” – Queenyy

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