‘Sick of Feeling Useless’ by Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams Move Mountains With Their Latest Single.

After releasing one of my personal favorite projects in 2019, Neon Dreams has been keeping their catalog very busy in 2020. The Halifax duo has hit the air waves hard with their tracks ‘Turn Back Now’ & ‘Walk Away’ earlier in the year. Their latest single ‘Sick of Feeling Useless’ is just the latest piece of fuel these two have added to their fire.

Despite the title, this track does have a very uplifting sound, accompanied with a sense of rebuilding. As always their unique guitar strumming and rhythmic drums are championed by Fran Kadillac and his distinct vocals.

Even though we know the meaning behind the track and how it was created, it still has the tendency to be interpreted differently by each listener. With us being locked in quarantine and starting to lose track of time, this was an excellent self motivating track for me.

Photo by Chris Reign

How ever we were told that this is the true meaning of the track and the process in which it was created.

“Before every session, we try to talk about how we’re feeling,” says vocalist Frank Kadillac. “At this point, before the song was made, we were discussing with our good friend and collaborator Nathaniel Motte from the band 3OH3! about how it’s easy to feel helpless…like nothing we do matters that much. Then Nat said ‘ya know…I think everyone is just sick of feeling useless.’ It hit so hard with me because I felt that way my whole life growing up, I felt useless until I broke out of my shell…if my fans are different versions of me this is the biggest thing that connects us on this island of misfit toys. People that feel like they don’t matter in this world and are constantly searching for a place to belong, a place that makes them feel like a kid again.”Neon Dreams

Frank Kadillac & Adrian Morris have shown their creativity with the visuals on this track, taking 2,474 images of their live performance of the song and turning it into a mini movie. As we reach the midway point of the year, we can only hope for more projects from this exciting duo.

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