Rose City Playlist: New Music Added

Rose City Playlist via Spotify

First launched as “Rose City Hip-Hop” back in October of last year, the newly titled Rose City Playlist featured on Spotify has had some immense growth, with many new tracks recently added to the playlist from talented music artists from around the Rose City area.

The updated name change comes with the new additions, with not only hip-hop, but also rap, R&B, Afrobeat and EDM influences as well entering the playlist. The newly added songs truly displays the tapestry that is Windsor and surrounding area for music and will continue to grow exponentially.

With a new name change, comes a new updated cover – this time featuring DJ duo TWINNS, who we had the chance to interview for The XMPL Podcast, which has also been featured in the second issue of XMPL. Some new additions besides TWINNS also includes artists such as Avius, Teebee, Jdotds, LUMLUM I AM and more.

Newly Added:

‘One Up’ – 4Twnty ft. Baby Shae
‘Strange Love’ – 4Twnty
‘Sober’ – TWINNS
‘Take My Mind’ – TWINNS
‘Drowning/Voices’ – Avius
‘Pt. 2’ – Avius
‘Tell Me’ – Teebee, Jdotds
‘Can’t Believe’ – Teebee, Jdotds
‘Heart’ – Teebee, Jdotds
‘Dream Girl’ – LUMLUM I AM
‘Knots (Not Him)’ – Jared Anthony
‘Sold Out’ – Jared Anthony
‘Faya’ – Xanni, Teebee
‘Underworld’ – Xanni
‘Gimme Mo’ – DJ KyDD ft. Danny Green & Marshall-C
‘Rain’ – DJ KyDD ft. YUNGJUS, Njvm, Youngboy Wok & JJ
‘I’m Alright’ – Danny Green

Listen To The Rose City Playlist:

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