‘so sad so sexy’ by Lykke Li (ALBUM)

Lykke Li Sounds Absolutely Stunning In New Album, ‘so sad so sexy’


Singing about every broken feeling you could possibly experience in a relationship, Lykke Li sounds spectacular in this album. ‘so sad so sexy‘ gives off the feeling of heartbreak, mending hearts, lust and so much more. Insecurities the average person is too scared to discuss, are all mentioned in this album.

Slow and mildly fast tracks, Lykke shows how great her vocal talents are. Filled with melodies, kicks and hats you can vibe with, this album is one of the most comfortable listens ever. The only feature on the album is Aminé, he spits on the track ‘Two Nights’ and definitely Flames it. After listening to the album all day, my favorite 3 tracks are

  1. ‘Better Alone’
  2. ‘Deep End’
  3. ‘Last Piece’

Give this refreshing album a listen, enjoy!

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