‘Swimming’ by Mac Miller

Mac Miller Releases New Album ‘Swimming’

Mac Miller released his new album ‘Swimming‘ and it is vintage Mac. The album starts off with a very mellow vibe that’ll keep you relaxed as you lose yourself in your thoughts. Lyrically Mac continues to hit you with amazing world play, even references Whitney in ‘Hurt Feelings’. The album holds 13 tracks with no features, but as you listen you will appreciate Mac’s creativity on his own. This album vibes very nicely, even though it makes you tap into your mental the groovy melodies will have you groovin’ real quick! ‘What’s The Use’ is a great example with a track with a groovy beat!

The most impressive part is Mac doesn’t sacrifice any lyrical play to appease the beat. The lyrics go hand in hand with the beats like PB&J. This album will make you appreciate Mac even more than you did before!

My favorite 3 tracks were very hard to choose but after a long process they are:

  1. 2009
  2. Come Back To Earth
  3. Wings

Unlock your psyche and indulge in this album!

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