‘Brother’ By Omar Kadir & Mozzy

We already witnessed what Omar Kadir & Mozzy can cook up when they get together. With their ‘Run the City’ it was hard not want more of these two phenomenal talents. Mozzy attacks with heavy lyrics and a bone breaking flow, while Omar offers a smooth melodic flow with sly lyrics. Combining these elements, you have yourself a duo that can create a track that can entice your train of thought.

Their latest project is called ‘Brother’, exceeding expectations these two artists release a song that hit’s you right in the chest. With a beat that caters to both of their strengths, you can’t help but notice the haunting piano through out the song.

Mozzy goes in firing lyrical messages about real issues and experiences that really highlight his stripes and shed light on him on a personal level. All of this is made to hit different when Omar comes in on the chorus. Adding a surreal sound that can be translated differently between every listener. His vocal talents adds a dynamic to the song that makes this track somewhat of an outlet to reflect on yourself.

With Omar & Mozzy linking up again, we can only hope we see more. 2020 is set to have these two artists to continue to captivate us with their music whether it’s more collabs or their independent projects.

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