‘Vapors’ by Omar Kadir & Salah Babyy

Omar Kadir & Salah Babyy End The Year With Their New Single ‘Vapors’

It wasn’t long ago when Omar Kadir teased a new single called ‘Vapors’. Shortly after his single ‘Red Cup’ came out, Omar announced that the track will be pushed back. Now that the time is here, the song is finally here to top off 2019.

Omar teamed up with Salah Babyy, who brought a whole new vibe to this tune. The chemistry with Omar seemed to feel effortless, and lyrically packed a punch behind those punchlines. Many messages can be take from this track, but at the start of the tune there was someone’s memory mentioned.

Once the song starts off at the first chorus, Omar hooks you in with one of the most catchy choruses I’ve heard from him. With the vocal melodies on point, he lead the song with the first verse where he send a message to his old friends and remembers the past.

The second verse is a different wave, when Salah floods the speakers. Going in lyrically he discusses where he’s from and addresses the OPS. He has a unique tone to his delivery which compliments the melody in the chorus that Omar sings.

Seeing a new collaboration between Omar and Salah really tips a hat off to their year. This also raises and eye brow as you wonder which direction 2020 will take them in.

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