Nike Shox TL ‘Tangerine’

Nike Will Release Their Shox In The ‘Tangerine’ Colour Pack.

With the fad of dad sneakers being a trend, I must say I am not a fan at all, but if we are going to bring back a vintage silhouette, my vote is cast for the Nike Shox to come back. I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia of growing up thinking they made me faster and increased my vertical (which they did) or if it was their light weight design and comfort. These TL’s are much more sophisticated than the original ones I used to rock, but their modern design does not take away from their original look. The shoes feature mesh overlay with a hardshell design, and the standout upgrade is the traction oriented outsole.

This sneaker screams very loudly as it has a huge burst of an orange, as is expected of a ‘Tangerine’ silhouette, the upper and the midsole contain that scheme. The shox have a silver heel accent and the upper bears a silver Swoosh logo. The outsole is black with accents of orange seeping through.

This sneaker is a great day to day purchase retailing at $170 USD and will be sold across North America. Even though the sneaker will be easy to get your hands on, you will unfortunately have to wait until March 21st, 2019.

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