Puma ‘Uproar’ – Hybrid

Puma Goes Into All Star Weekend With ‘Uproar’ Hybrid.

It’s that time of year where our eyes lock on to the fun antics and extreme athletic abilities the NBA All Star Weekend brings. As all the brands showcase their gear on center stage, PUMA continues to show confidence in finding their way into the market, appointing JAY-Z as the president of basketball operations earlier this season as they decided to reenter the basketball market for the first time in 20 years. Displaying their sneakers in NYC at launch parties with sponsored athletes, like Knicks rookie Kevin Knox, the brand has been turning heads with their on court kicks.

From the very first glance, the sneaker screams at you with it’s well blended, flashy colors. Both sneakers offer a black outsole with a white mid, the upper wears a black coat transitioning into a powder blue. These kicks uniquely stand out because of their separate accents on each shoe. Your right foot is accented with purple and the left foot carries orange hints. Puma has never been shy from mismatching, we’ve seen them do the same with their soccer cleats. However the reasoning behind these two color schemes is the location of the All Star Weekend: Charlotte, North Carolina. The purple sneaker pays homage to the Charlotte Hornets while the orange one pays tribute to the now-defunct Charlotte Bobcats.

These sneakers are available now in limited quantities at your local retailers, with the price tag of $130 USD.

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