‘100 Million Miles’ by Omar Kadir & Jonn Hart

Omar Kadir & Jonn Hart Team Up On New Single ‘100 Million Miles’

Making sure the year is ended with a cold breeze, Omar Kadir & Jonn Hart combined their talents on their new track ‘100 Million Miles’.

Both of these artists shine when it comes to their melodic vocals, but what really stands out is how well they sell the lyrics they sing. When it comes to ice cold lyrics about heart break or relationships, Omar does an insane job forcing you to relate to his lyrics. Whether you’re just trying to cope or get lost in your thoughts, this track will have you repeating the words as you play it.

Jonn is prestigious lyrics and the way he uses his voice to throw you in a classic R&B mood is something special. Savage with his lyrics, are more about making up opposed to breaking up, but is a great way to balance out Omars lyrics.

This track gives us a look at how ready both of these artists are to attack the new year. Hopefully filled with more music and bigger projects they feed their fans.

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