‘Bittersweet’ EP by 4Twnty

Cover art for ‘Bittersweet’ via Instagram

R&B duo 4Twnty return with their new 5-track EP titled ‘Bittersweet’

After putting in months of work, from songwriting to long nights at the studio, Windsor-duo 4Twnty have finally released their long anticipated EP, ‘Bittersweet.’ Working alongside collaborator and producer, TNB Beatz, 4Twnty have undoubtedly developed themselves into a fresh sound.

The 5-track EP includes poetic heartfelt songs like Strange Love and Sept 8th, and even more rap influenced tracks, like ‘One Up‘ featuring Baby Shae. With their new EP starting them off strong, we can’t to see what the rest of the year has in-store for the talented duo.

Listen to 4Twnty’s new ‘Bittersweet’ EP:

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