‘Money’ by Cardi B

Cardi B Is Back Again With Her New Single ‘Money’


Cardi B addresses her motives and status in her new single, ‘Money’. It is no surprise Cardi is leading charts with another hit, but in her new single she makes it clear that money is the motive. Touching on all the things she likes like jets, cars etc. they all fall second to the dough, however she does let us know her daughter Kulture is above all else.

Cardi exercises different flows through out the track, kicking off with a mediocre flow and going into a slower chopped up verse she really stay composed through out the song. It really picks up when she goes in on the track with a faster flow and mixing a little bit of Spanish in her verse. Through out the track she does remind us she won’t tolerate obstacles as she shoots off at her critics, while painting an image of herself as the queen.

Cardi was able to go off because of the beat that was laid out, a heavy reoccurring base and keys that appear every now and then, makes her lyrics the focal point of the tune. You can always rely on Cardi to find her self with another banger for her fans, you will be hearing them sing along to this track at every club!



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