‘Pain & Pleasure’ by Black Atlass

Black Atlass Gives Us Nothing But Feels In New EP ‘Pain & Pleasure’

Black Atlass released his new 8 track EP ‘Pain & Pleasure‘, and it is a very emotional listen. This EP is one of my favorite EP’s recently released because it is somewhere between a love & break up vibe. With a ton of situations many of us can relate to these tracks are a very good late night listen, slow jams that help you get lost in your thoughts. The vocals are very good with melodies that are very relaxing and every track taps into a different emotion.

Personally I will have this project on repeat for a while, but after a few listens my 3 favorite tracks are:

  1. Shadows
  2. If The OnlyKnew
  3. Something Real

Sit back, tap into your feels and enjoy the listen!


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