‘PainKiller’ by City Fidelia

City Fidelia Elevates Sound In New Album, ‘PainKiller’

After giving us an exclusive preview to his track, ‘About You’, City Fidelia turned heads by unlocking an honest glance at his emotions. This project further pushes the notion of relatable topics we are too afraid to tap into. ‘PainKiller’ is City’s longest album and really highlights the greatness coming out of Ottawa.

I personally had the pleasure of listening to the project before it’s release, after 3 full listens I noticed my self rediscovering City in a new light. Reminiscing of the first time hearing him on ‘Shoulda Known Betta’, I couldn’t help but notice the growth and hard work revolving around Fidelia.

City gives us 13 tracks to indulge and rediscover him in, including the intro and outro. Titled ‘Red Pill’ & ‘Blue Pill’, you can automatically sense the nostalgia and it also gives you an open perspective to take in this album and translate it’s meaning. City also brings on 3 features in YNR Davinci, Will, & Jeff Sanon. Showing how well he can adapt his sound to others without compromising his lyrics.

Kicking it off with his tune ‘Can’t Sleep’, City talks about his thoughts on topics that haunt our society like police brutality, enemies, racial inequality and daily struggles. Impressively holding a melodic flow in his voice, he carries a different and unique melody through out the whole project. ‘Liquid Courage’ Fidelia talks about how Hennessy helps open up the thoughts we keep bottled in, but he also touches on the dangers of our actions.

Paying homage to Kanye & the great ‘College Dropout’ album, City creates a tidal wave with his tune ‘Ye’. Sending a message about his way to the top and also slightly touches up on Kanye. ‘Close Call’ is one that hits you in the gut, where he talks about escaping close calls that you were lured into. ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ is my favorite song because City carries a flow that carries for a consistent amount of time with not pauses to breathe, the track also has amazing vocals from Jeff Sanon.

‘Deeguerra’s VoiceNote’ is a surprise feature where City allows a 57 second memo from Danae. Very poetic and haunting it was a great bridge in the album. ‘Take Care’ is performed in a style I get ecstatic about. It holds a beat that repetitively plays the chorus and encourages you to vibe along with. ‘Only Girl’ is more of a sensual track where City sings about the only girl for him. Going back to ‘About You’, this track still hits you in the feels and continues to hold the same vibes that made us overplay this tune. The next track might sound like Fidelia had a hard time picking a name, but once you hear the flow and the length of a tune, the name is fitting. Carrying out different phases and moods this track is quick to slap you in the face and it also humbles you with a mellow channeled energy. ‘Times Got Hard/Pen & Pad/Tomorrow Ain’t Promised’ was the perfect way to complete this album.

City Fidelias album was highly anticipated and now we can’t wait to see what’s next. City will be at Rolling Loud Hong Kong to close out the fall, and the poetic sound of this album will be closing out the year.

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