‘Palo Santo’ by Years & Years

Years & Years Release Soothing Album ‘Palo Santo’


Years & Years get very emotional in their new album ‘Palo Santo‘. This album has a lot of meaning about acceptance, love and adversities. Unique to many other sounds these tracks seem a little bit more spaced out and subliminal. To each their own and i personally find this track perfect for getting lost in my work or my train of thought. This album hosts 14 tracks and many of which offer unique melodies, the piano in most tracks sounds heavenly. The album holds know features, which I found preferable allowing the trio to focus on showcasing their sound.

I gave this album a couple of days of listening, I personally enjoyed it and can see some of these tracks making future playlists. The take away from the album is how different it is, it will be a trend setter for future artists. My favorite 3 tracks on this album are:

  1. Hypnotized
  2. Lucky Escape
  3. All For You


If you like the album make sure you watch the short film!


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