‘Press’ by Cardi B
Posted by: Sneaker Buddha | May 31st, 2019

Cardi B Releases New Hit Single ‘Press’

Continuing with her control over the air waves, Cardi B checks all her critics on her new single ‘Press’. Lyrically vulgar and violent, this song is an absolute BANGER! the perfect remedy to turn up and get loud, Cardi delivers another track for her fan base.

Cardi flows over a bass heavy beat, with a nice dark alley melody complimenting her. The beat simmers down mid track, where Cardi slows down her flow before the track hit’s again. Gun shot sounds and adlibs, elevate this track to the highest level.

Lyrically Cardi reps her city, validates her presence, checks all her critics and tells us all she’s past the need for press.

This track is available on all streaming platforms, Cardi’s last project was on ‘Father Of Ashad’ by DJ Khaled. The track was called ‘Wish Wish’ with 21 Savage.

Buddha szn.

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