‘Ringos Desert’ by ZHU

ZHU Releases New Album ‘Ringos Desert’


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ZHU stopped the world and let us all rock out when he released his track ‘Faded’ in 2016, his legacy that has been  building was cemented that year. Now the musician is back with his LP ‘Ringos Desert‘, which holds 14 amazing tunes. ZHU hosts 9 features in JOY., Karnaval Blues, Keznamdi, Daniel Wilson, Herizen, Indiana, TOKiMONSTA, Majid Jordan & Tame Impala. Each feature has something different to offer and every track is different, however all the tracks have a dark vibe that taps into your emotions. Though most of them seem slower and meant for your train of thoughts, the combination of the bass lines and drums the tracks are perfect for you to flex your shuffles & two steps.

The vocal selection on this album was very unique because of the way it compliments the beat. Usually you notice the melodies tend to bring out the vocals as the focal point, but the complete opposite happens on this project. The production is absolutely breath taking and ranges between a Tech House – Techno vibe. My favorite part of this project is the way cyber sounds like laser noises are used in the production, the phasers being used on some vocals were very kick ass also. Dance music has been really big on Caribbean inspired beats  being used on tracks, ZHU does something a little different fusing an futuristic sound with a Caribbean vocal and Arabian melody on the track ‘Burn Babylon‘.

This album was kick ass and it was pretty easy to pick my TOP 3 even though the whole project was very enjoyable.

TOP 3:

  1. Guilt Love
  2. Burn Babylon
  3. Waters of Monaco

ZHU has started his tour already and will be in Detroit October 6th, 2018. I personally can’t wait to see him live but until then this LP will be my vibe!

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