‘RTJ 4’ by Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels Release Their Fourth Album, ‘RTJ 4’

Killer Mike & El-P are back again with their lyrical carnage to run the pockets of any fuck boy or naysayer. Run The Jewels are giving us ‘RTJ 4’ for free. ‘RTJ 4’ is the fourth project from the extremely outspoken duo. Never afraid to voice their opinions and beliefs through all platforms, they are also ahead of the game to put someone in check.

The rough, rugged and sometimes humorous lyrics, combined with the laser eyed & head melting beats that these two have cultivated, remain to elevate every time they release a new project. With 11 tracks on this project, the group made sure to tee off with EP. 4 of ‘Yankee & The Brave’. Elite artists keep elite company, through out this project you will hear from features in, 2 Chainz, Greg Nice, DJ Premiere, Zack De La Rucha, Pharelle Williams, Mavis Staples & Josh Homme.

Political statements against oppression and messages to uplift the oppressed have never fell short from coming out of the mouth Killer Mike & El- P. Their tracks have a unique message to motivate those in a dark place to believe in themselves and push for change.

‘Kill Your Masters’ along with their fist and finger thumb logo are globally recognized symbols that emanated from their music. More messages are surely going to be birthed by this new album.

Before I get into a break down of what to expect from this project, if you are not familiar with the duo, watch them perform live on NPR.

The duo flexes through out this whole project, tracks like ‘Ooh La La’, ‘Holly Calamafuck’ & ‘A Few Words For The Firing Squad’ are just a few of many that stand out among many. ‘Words For The Firing Squad’ has one of the best sounds as they go in raw lyrically over the coldest and smoothest sounding saxophone. It also houses a solo from that sax, complimented with eerie violin sounds among many other instruments. That track is also the longest and is the one that sees this project off.

They still show their strong botherhood and musical bond, they still represent Atlanta & New York proudly and their creativity is still captivating. After listening to this album, I picked out my favorite 3 tracks.

  1. ‘Out Of Sight’
  2. ‘Yankee & The Brave’
  3. ‘The Ground Below’
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