‘Set It Off’ by Mischa

Ottawas Lyrical Heroine Flexes He Vigilante Side On New Single ‘Set It Off’

Mischa is the latest member of the Dreamland roster to run through gates in 2020. Releasing her first single of the year ‘Set It Off’, the vibrant and stylish Hip-Hop artist takes on a very cut throat approach on this track. A beat produced by Quest and mastered by Geoff McNeely, that platform was set for Mischa to rampage.

Along with an eye catching video filled with mean mugs, heiress fires off piercing punchlines to send her message across. Mischa took an approach that targeted the jugular on this track. As we vibe out and the speakers rattle, it all makes sense when she explained the meaning of this track saying;

” This is a song of overall empowerment when you keep doing things for others, but that favour is never returned.”

Her quick statement lets you self reflect on one way ties we all had to cut out of our lives, but the biggest take away is the alternate flow Mischa can bring out. Stepping away from a POP sound, she shows she can bring the guns out and isn’t here to take hostages.

After Dip Black posted that the whole Dreamland crew is releasing an anthem on Friday, February 28th, I’m left guessing what kind of sound Mischa will be bringing to the track!

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