‘Subtle Savage’ by Ruben Young ft. Terrell Morris

Get in your feels with Ruben Young’s new single ‘Subtle Savage’ featuring Terrell Morris

Terrell Morris (left) and Ruben Young. Photo via: Ruben Young

Since releasing his fire tracks ‘Running For You’ and ‘Golden Hell’ earlier this year, Toronto-based soul singer, Ruben Young – brings it back this summer with his brand new single ‘Subtle Savage.’ Young teams up with artist Terrell Morris on this track, which serves as a true anthem to anyone who is straight up done with being played.

‘Subtle Savage’ is a first look to Young’s upcoming EP ‘Dreamstate,’ which currently does not have a release date. Produced by Losh and paired with Morris’ sly rhymes, Ruben gets us feeling some kind of way with this new track. The Rachel Green singer stays true to the savage title, with lyrics like “Baby you screwed yourself, like you came straight from hell” on the chorus over a catchy dance-soul beat.

Young gets real about the track, “It’s a song about being fed up after realizing you’ve been played by a girl you never expected it from,” the Toronto singer said in a statement to XMPL. “She was subtle with her deception – you never saw it coming. Now that you know, you’re out and there’s no looking back.”

Cover art for ‘Subtle Savage’

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Listen to ‘Subtle Savage’ by Ruben Young ft. Terrell Morris below:

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