Nike Epic React ‘Odyssey React’

Nike Epic React Latest To Get An ‘Odyssey React’ Make Over

Nike has been revamping their ‘React‘ collection and latest to receive a make over is the ‘Epic React‘. Designed for running the ‘Odyssey React‘ make over has the goal of making running outdoors as easy and convenient as possible. Taking into consideration running in slippery, wet and rough climates this rendition features significant attributes to help better your experience. This shoe will not feature a Fly-Knit upper , how ever it will have seams to make it more water resistant, the slightly thicker build will keep your feet from freezing this winter and the shield stamp allows you to stomp around without fearing ware and tare.

This design is also very attractive taking a white coat from the toe box to the tongue topped off with white laces, a speckled grey covers the middle of the upper which fades into a dashing black that sits on a navy heel. The shield stamp is on the back of outside of the heel over the glossy navy tab that reads ‘nike react’ on the mid. the rest of the mid is all black fading into the black accents of the outsole which are complimented with a mint counter part. You will like the swoosh because it subtly sits on the speckled grey mid in white and blend in greatly.

This sneaker will be dropping on October 11, 2018. These is no price yet but make sure to visit Nike to cop your pair!

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