‘Escape From New York’ by Beast Coast

Beast Coast Is Scorching The Globe This Summer With New Album ‘Escape From New York’

New York is arriving in every city on the shoulder of Beast Coast. Composed of the Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers & select members of Pro Era, the world can’t sleep on Brooklyn’s Finest any longer. This monster was unleashed since their first single of 2019 ‘Left Hand’, where they shortly after announced their Escape From New York Tour, followed by their second single ‘Coast/Clear’. Just when you thought they were getting full, they reincarnated the Basement Cypher and announced their album ‘Escape From New York’. This 13-track project was highly anticipated by me personally, I was anxious to see how this group would sound through out a whole project. My expectations were high for this album and they still managed to exceed my imagination. Through interviews, social media and music the collaborative group always preached brotherhood. This album cemented that due to the smooth chemistry you hear through out the tracks. Lyrics, flow, delivery and production, these talented artists hit the ball out of the park.

The first track of this album is ‘It Ain’t Easy, It Ain’t Easy’, where you hear all 3 Zombies, Nyck CautionKirk Knight, CJ Fly & AK The SaviourComing out the gates with a upbeat flow and lyricism over a hard hitting beat. ‘Left Hand’ is the second song on this project where you can hear every member beside Powers Pleasant go in with their lyrics. This was the first track that was released and still put the biggest stamp on their legacy to come. Starting with a very deep piano, you have an Erick The Architect beat in the song ‘Problemz’. Joined by The Underachievers, CJ Fly, Zombie Juice and Nyck Caution. This track seems like it’s a more haunting tune with a layout of word play and melodic hooks. ‘Far Away’ has a vibe you can rock too with Kirk, Meechy Darko, Caution & Joey Bada$$ leading the track. This song has one of the catchiest choruses too. ‘Snow In The Stadium’ is another one with an Architect beat and this time he’s joined with, Meechy, Joey, Kirk, CJ & Issa Gold. This beat hit’s hard with a little slower but packs a hard punch. This track from the chorus to some verses are heavily influenced by Caribbean roots. Joey & Zombies team up on the next track ‘Rubberband’, a track highlighted with lyrics and a vert metronome type beat… & Meechy’s Voice. ‘Distance’ is the perfect song for a late night cruise with Issa, Joey and Erick bursting through the speakers. ‘Bones’ is that banging track reminding you of giants stomping through villages. Straight out of a movie this track has the Zombies, Underachievers and Nyck @ Knight. ‘Puke’ is lead by Caution who is accompanied by Erick, Meechy, AK & Joey. This track has some of the hardest lyrics I’ve ever heard, definitely made for lyricists. It still holds a melodic essence vocally at the end and through out with that Erick beat. If you ever wanted a song to get you hype in order to overcome obstacles, ‘Desperado’ is the track for you. Meechy, Joey, Zombie & Kirk call out every negative characteristic a person might face in their life.

‘One More Round’ has a melodic vibe from Meechy, Nyck, Erick & Joey. This track is very soft and extremely soothing, it also highlights how versatile these artists are and aren’t confined to just rapping. The second track released before the album was released was ‘Coast/Clear’, produced by Powers. This track is still a great vibe and really hinted that Beast Coast was going to be very different track to track throughout the album. Joey, Zombies, Nyck, Issa & Kirk are the ones who flexed on this track. Finally was the last song is ‘Last Choir’ which has Meechy bringing energy to a song highlighted by choir melodies and a hard hitting bass. Kirk, Erick, Nyck & AK are the artists that match the energy set by Meechy to close out this album.

This project is 47 minutes long and is absolutely worth every second of listening. Beast Coast is here and cemented as the group to watch out for, with their chemistry they’re sure to expand their sounds if they stay together as a group. Their tour will be in both The US & Canada, so make sure you grab your tickets.

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