‘Free’ by Eva Shaw & Booka Banks

Eva Shaw & Booka Banks Link Up Again On New Single ‘Free’

Earlier this year, Toronto & Brooklyn did it big time when Eva Shaw & Booka Banks linked up with their epic track, ‘V in the AM’. Out the gates their chemistry was undeniable, you’d think Eva channeled D. Wade as she lobbed up the perfect beat for Booka to throw down like Lebron. With New York & Toronto lighting up headlines in the world of sport, it’s only appropriate that two of hungriest artists representing both cities come out and release a new smash mouth single. Their new single, ‘Free’, is finally out on all streaming platforms and it packs more heat than the summer we’re having.

The beat kicks off with a series of hypnotizing tones, this track is a whole new wave. Eva cuts the beat in and out at the perfect times to match Booka’s flow, my favorite part of the production are the subtle scratches added throughout the beat … yeah I noticed those.

Despite my New York bias, Booka really impressed me again with this track. Surfing the wave that Eva created, he made sure to show off his flex on this tune. Controlling his flow by chopping it up, adlibbing at the right times, and adding vocal ranges to match the beat; Banks really opened up a whole new chakra with this vibe.

Everything I have to say about Eva’s ability to adapt and master new sounds she proves with each single she releases. I’ve heard her go big room, dance hall and now she’s slaying trap waves. I guess this is what they meant when they said let your work speak for it’s self. Booka Banks really shows how strong Brooklyn is, as he makes sure we mention his name along with the talent running around Brooklyn right now. Seeing another artist from New York growing and flexin’ his music makes me proud of my city.

All in all, this song is my SLATT for the summer! Make sure to add it into your playlist!

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