‘Nightmare’ by Halsey

Halsey Releases New Single ‘Nightmare’ With Music Video

To no one’s surprise, Halsey continues to make waves in the water of POP music. Recognized world wide the singer was just making noise in Japan due to her strings of shows. Now releasing her latest single ‘Nightmare’, we find the artist with another boomin’ track to flood the airwaves.

This single has a very punk sounding chorus with a heavy guitar melody before settling into a much calmer soft spoken verse. Going back into the chorus the song goes into a lyrical second verse after being bridged by soft singing. The third verse of the song really highlights Halsey’s distinct vocals before ending it with the bumpin’ Chorus. The lyrics throughout the song describe her adversities and issues she’s face day to day. The video is a variety of psychotic scenes, with trashed out scenarios. You will see blood, violence, break downs and a vast majority of poppin’ hairstyles. The eye catching subtlety of the video is the cameos of Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse and Debbie Harry. However the thing you might not notice the first time watching this video, is there were absolutely no men in this video!

This track is a great hit for Halsey to instill into her 2019 catalog, and really does empower her listeners to dealing with their day to day problems. The video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, wh can hold her head high with this masterpiece.

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